Refactor your Organization

Organizational Development and Cultural Change
The only constant in life is change - dealing with it requires new ways of working and collaborating.

New wok environments need new ways of working

New conditions in the market require agile organizational structures, workflows, strategies and technologies. When companies learn to react to change, this opens up new perspectives: for product development and the way people work together in companies.

kommitment guides people and organizations in change processes.

(Re)developing collaboration

Our focus is on cross-functional collaboration between departments (e.g. IT and business) and on aligning roles and processes with customer and market requirements.

Together with the people in companies and teams, we find solutions for structural pain and support the formation of an effective organizational structure from a systemic perspective.

kommitment brings in knowledge and experience to develop sustainable changes and helpful learning processes that can be carried on by the organization independently.

Project coaching

kommitment facilitates projects by coaching teams and people in success-critical roles. We are also happy to take on responsible roles at project, program or portfolio level in the sense of interim management.

We help to create more transparency in order to focus on essential and valuable results and to implement them at an early stage through prioritization.

Role and business coaching

We support people who work together in a team or in the execution of a role. In particular, we accompany people in leadership roles with regard to their corresponding (business) tasks. On request, we are happy to temporarily take over organizational roles in a change process.

kommitment creates momentum for the improvement of cross-functional communication and cooperation.

Innovation formats

We facilitate formats for rapid identification of innovations or solutions to challenges is the design sprint or our solutionlab. We accompany companies and teams during the implementation as well as the preparation and follow-up.

What is important to us in (agile) organizational development:
We think organizational design in value streams - and in people.
We work with retrospectives to learn and reflect the changes in the company.
We help build a culture of failure.
We know that every transformation also needs executive coaching.
We support communication in transformation processes.
We do experiments and workshops that make the agile mindset tangible.