About kommitment.

Why we exist.

Sometimes a little change is all it takes to achieve a little more. And then it takes more than a just a little. There are times when only Everything counts: Today. Then what's it take is kommitment.
We work for companies and organizations in digital transformation. We master change by connecting dimensions. That's how we create something new together today for the world of tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow.


Who we are

What's on our minds.

Our guiding principles.

kommitment is our name and this is how we work.


Our mission is to ensure the sustained success of our customers, our network and our own company in the future. We work in the spirit of and for the needs of our clients. We work to achieve positive impact.


For us, it's love it, change it, or leave it. Emphasizing 'change it'.

Love it means: We do what we do with commitment. We dedicate our expertise and energy to positive change. 

Change it: kommitment means that we stay when change is getting uncomfortable. We navigate stormy situations together with our clients.

Leave it: we don't leave until the work is done. We also leave when we fail to help further the client's goals.


Quality Assurance: We are committed to understanding our mission and goals in the project. We know our client's goals, their "Reason Why" and their target audience. We carefully prepare for our jobs.


We are pioneers. We have the courage and self-confidence to discover new territory with and for our customers. We shape and create it.


We seek and find new ways.


We see possibilities and the bigger picture.


We believe in diversity and see diversity in companies and in the world as an inherent opportunity.


Just do it - that is one of our guiding principles. We learn together with customers, partners and our network.


We seek advice and ask for help. We find decisions together and by means of consent driven decisions.


We trust ourselves and others by default. We act in such a way that we do not damage the trust that has been given to us.


Truthfulness is a basic foundation therefore and at the heart of all our communication and actions.


We also have a kommitment to ourselves as human beings: a happy and healthy life balance is essential to us. We take care of ourselves and of others.


We also do volunteer work using the skills we learn doing our work.

Partners & Network.