Design Sprints with kommitment

The Design Sprint is an effective approach to find solutions for concrete issues and above all: to ideate and design them. In a joint working week we develop a result and check it under real circumstances.


What is a Design Sprint

The Design Sprint was developed by Google Ventures. It helps teams to develop a solution to a problem within a very short time and to test it on real users in the form of a prototype. 

The process is clearly structured:

  • Day 1: Understanding the problem
  • Day 2: Sketching a solution and deciding on a solution path
  • Day 3: Create e prototype
  • Day 4: User Tests

(The method can be best explained in more detail by the creators themselves:

“A good game is easy to learn but hard to master.” by Nolan Bushnell

Design Sprints with kommitment

Instead of working out a solution to a problem in numerous meetings over many weeks, we develop a prototype in four days in a design sprint. This is an ambitious goal - we achieve it by methodically focusing, steering and facilitating kommitment.

What we do:

  • Methodological consulting: Is the design sprint the appropriate instrument for working on the problem?
  • Preparation of the Design Sprint: Joint development of the task definition and delimitation. Joint definition of a sprint focus that can be represented as a prototype.
  • Advice on team composition and definition of an interdisciplinary team. 
  • Methodical support of the Design Sprint week
  • Preparation of working materials and documentation
  • Session moderation and facilitation: we ask the right questions, build bridges between team members, provide support at junctures and ensure that the group stays in the work flow

Every project team can acquire the knowledge about the contents of the Design Sprint Method on their own - they don't need us for that.
kommitment helps to bring the content to life together with the project team and apply it to their individual use cases.