Just do it: the kommitment solutionlab.

Change processes and transformation are about exchange, transparency, communication. This requires more than a 2-day workshop. In a complex world, change means: we don't know the state B - only the direction. The solutionlab helps companies to find their way.

Do you recognize your company in some of these points? And you want to change that?

  • Do small projects drag on for months?
  • You don't even dare to tackle big projects anymore?
  • Employees from the (supposedly) second and third row have good ideas - but don't manage to show themselves?
  • The coordination between individual departments either doesn't work at all or leads to compromises that don't help anyone?
  • Our employees are the most important thing in our company, but in their normal job they don't have the chance to develop their full potential.
  • We don't want to make a big investment, but we want to change things.
  • You tried this "working differently" thing once. But you ended up back where you started.
  • And working remotely just doesn't work for you? Or not easy?

Then the solutionlab is a method and our way to solve several of these issues at once.

In a nutshell: what is the solutionlab?

  • Innovation on three levels: Product, Project, Processes.
  • Focused collaboration: Develop, deliver, do, experience - in management and in the lab.
  • Learning to deal with changes in the market and customer needs.

In the solutionlab, 5 to 7 employees from different areas of an organization work in an independent lab team for 4 weeks. We work full-time, interdisciplinary using agile methods to implement an idea to a prototype, proof of concept, MVP, concept. And the whole thing offsite, remote or hybrid.

What does solutionlab do? And what about it is different? And why is it successful?

The solutionlab

  • dares to name the elephant in the room - and gets it out of the room.
  • creates new products and shows new ways of product development. Both digital and classic.
  • develops new processes.
  • sharpens customer perspective, product thinking and understanding of business goals.
  • makes cross-departmental cooperation in management possible.
  • enables new ways of working to be tried out in a protected space.
  • functions as "viral change": cultural change from the middle of the company.

What we bring to the table.

  • We have profound experience from many successful solutionlabs. From startups to large corporations.
  • We know that it works! And how it works. And this knowledge brings focus and confidence to the team.
  • We know the magic that happens in the lab. And bring that magic to you, too.
  • We make the team and its product successful in the solutionlab.
  • We bring in methods and know-how.
  • We accompany and moderate the management throughout the entire process.
  • We develop solutions for the integration of the solutionlab alumni and the new product into the portfolio with the management core team.
  • We ensure continuous communication into and with the organization.

We are happy to present the solutionlab with practical examples in your company.

I would like to know more about the solutionlab.