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University remote and the leadership of tomorrow

"How does higher education go 'remote' and what are students currently learning about the "leadership of tomorrow?"

On 8.7.2020, Uwe Eisenbeis was a guest in our virtual "unMeetUp" ZukunftundF├╝hrung.

In a very entertaining talk, he reported on how he is preparing for the remote conversion of his lectures and seminars. Our kommitment training unit was very impressed by the initial questions he asked, focusing on who is actually listening to him and what and how the content must therefore be prepared. With all the new and certainly worth keeping, however, Uwe finds that the entrance hall of the university alone, with a large piano grand, provides so much identity and culture that he would only like to imagine a hybrid of on- and offline events in the future. Every first-semester student needs this real university air to get a taste of it and to come in.

He also deduces what today's students can take away from it about the "leadership of tomorrow". Leadership includes not only the leadership of others but - currently especially - being able to lead oneself. Uwe has presented the essence of this for himself in mountain word pairs.

In the word pairs there is always a balance between the one (leading oneself) and the other (leading others): "as within so without".

We participants of the unMeetup were very inspired by this university excursion and inspired a mission for our own sphere of influence: #experimentation carts in a time of questioning current ways of doing things, such as #recruiting, #studying, #working, so that #changes can happen.

We as #commitment feel somewhat confirmed in our thinking and acting about and in change processes with the learnings about #leadershipoftomorrow ; )

If you would like to visit us next time in our unMeetup and participate, feel free to follow us on LinkedIn and Xing or/ and drop by at other events where we can "meet".