Refactor your Organization

Refactor your Organization
Digital transformation means cultural change.

Digital Transformation is Cultural Change.

We talk tech, we move people, and we deeply understand organizations. Our work helps companies to combine these and to find their own ways in ever changing environments.

This is how we enable structures to become agile and enable cultural change.

How we work


IT Consulting

Software and development and architecture need context:business model, organization and market.

Change Management & Transformation

Change starts in your mind. And in your organization’s management. We are management coaches and train executives to become digital leaders. We take on responsibility as interim managers.

Cultural Change.

The only constant in life is change - dealing with it requires new ways of working and collaborating.


“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.” (k_onfucius)


Change processes and transformation are about communication, transparency and exchange. This requires more than a 2-day workshop. In a complex world, change means: we don't know the state B - we only the have the direction. Our solutionlab helps companies to find their way.
Anke Nehrenberg
Faton Lekaj
Dr. Johannes Mainusch
Benjamin Wiedenmann
Anna Blume
Sven Röpstorff
Michael Häußler
Thomas Böhlefeld
Michael Gallus
Anna Nissen

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